The Hidden Corners of Charminar | Old Hyderabad 



The Authentic Hyderabadi Food Experience | Banjara Hills, Hyd



The Sufi Experiences of Nampally | Nampally, Hyd



The Purani Haveli Heritage Experience | Old Hyderabad


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The lanes, languages and people of Charminar 

Charminar, a definitive cultural icon of an equally incredible city, is at the centre of lanes, buildings and shops - hundreds of which lead into each other. A growing centre of attraction that mesmerises both young and old, local and guest alike in distinct ways with its stories, sounds, smells and tastes, it reminds one of a bygone era. In quiet corners, we find bits and pieces that make the locality around it a symbol of artistic splendour, cultural harmony and traditionally rooted living.


A journey of Dar-Ul-Shifa 

Dar-ul-Shifa (‘the House of Health’), built by the founder of the Hyderabad Sultanate, Muhammed Quli Qutub Shahi more than 400 years ago in 1595, is the oldest shifakhana in Hyderabad. Though now more popularly known as the name of the locality in which it resides, it is home to places of worship, shrines, Unani medicine, and is situated at very close proximity to Purani Haveli and Hussaini Alam

A walk to Panje Shah

Panje Shah is a locality in the old city of Hyderabad, near Charminar. It is known for Ashurkhana Panje Shah Vilayat and Qadam-e-Rasul—which house Nishan-e-Mubarak of Imam Ali and Prophet Muhammad respectively. In the vicinity, a cluster of many old Ashurkhanas, mosques and shrines make this area a must-visit for all those who seek to explore different dimensions of faith, amidst bustling marketplaces, shops, lanes, rich culture and centuries-old legacy.

Word of Mouth

"Had been looking forward to something like this since a long time and it turned out exactly how it should have been"

Tanmay Sharma

Hyderabad | India

'Honestly Ansaar you were amazing with all the info you enlightened us with and I am glad I hadn't missed this chance. 

Kashif Khan

Hyderabad | India

'It was my first time.. and I would legitimately gonna say one of the best experience of my life. 


Hyderabad | India

"It was such a fun and insightful walk. You sure have mastered the art of storytelling. Manish and me look forward to joining you when you curate other walks too."


Bangalore | india

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